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Get grounded with this nourishing homemade chicken pho, substituting the poached chicken with grilled to turn this into a speedier soup. A spicy slaw on the side rounds out the meal.

Be on a Food Network Canada show! All rights reserved. Shredded chicken adds some additional flavour and texture.

Take your BBQ chicken off the grill and into the oven with this easy to make keto low carb casserole using leftover chicken, crispy bacon, low carb BBQ sauce, and lots and lots of cheese! The pasta, chicken and cauliflower are baked in a decadent cream sauce for the antithesis of grilled chicken salad. Cook skewers, turning, for 5 minutes or until prawns change colour and are just cooked through. After all, it’s the season for all things barbecue! See what shows are casting today. The chilli, coriander, mint and lime in this salad really pop, while the carrot ribbons look beautiful.

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Star anise and cinnamon conjure up images of this slow-simmered Vietnamese classic, but substituting prepared broth and rotisserie chicken makes it a speedy way to get dinner on the table fast. https://www.saltandlavender.com/10-easy-leftover-chicken-recipes https://traditionalcookingschool.com/food-preparation/leftover-chicken-recipes

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Comfort food at its best, though made even better with the helping hand of leftover grilled chicken. Use a leftover half chicken or double the enchilada recipe if you’ve got a full fowl in the fridge. Use leftover, shredded bbq chicken to top baked potatoes or sweet potatoes. Canned refried beans, a jar of salsa and prepared corn tortillas make this recipe more of an assembly job rather than cooking, so get the kids involved in dinner prep.

See more ideas about Leftover bbq chicken recipes, Bbq chicken recipes, Bbq chicken. Corus Lifestyle. Staff Picks Orange Curry Chicken In terms of fillings, cooked thin rice noodles add bulk and a counterpoint of textures with the loads of healthy red cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts and cucumbers.

Skip the spice rub before cooking the chicken (it’s already done!) Dark soy, ginger and honey give this chicken noodle soup a fragrant Chinese flavour and pieces of leftover roast chicken are optional (the stock should be potent enough that you don’t …

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It only takes three steps to whip up these tacos using the grill and some shredded rotisserie chicken. Make a spare one for the freezer to enjoy for a later meal.

Based on some of Thailand’s iconic ingredient combinations — lemongrass, fish sauce and ginger — tom kha gai is a great way to impart flavour to leftover chicken.

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Steamed bao are great repositories for any manner of leftover cooked meat, and cooked chicken is no exception. Make a broth more robust by using the leftover chicken carcass for the stock. For best results, pick a rotisserie chicken with a relatively neutral seasoning, since you’ll be adding plenty of flavour with the other ingredients in these recipes.

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For a no-fold, no-fuss version of spanakopita, pull that Bundt pan from its spot in the cupboard and put it into service for this impressive appetizer, lunch or light dinner.

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Mild and creamy, this soup balances coconut milk with a brightly acidic hit of lime juice and makrut lime leaves. My children have always …

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Crunchy iceberg lettuce makes a fresh counterpoint to hoisin and sriracha marinated rotisserie chicken in this DIY dinner. With a rotisserie chicken in the fridge, you’ve got the basis for a wide array of meals at your fingertips — just shred it using your hands (or a fork and knife if you must) and add it to one of these deliciously easy dinners. Apr 13, 2019 - Explore Recipes's board "Leftover Bbq Chicken Recipes", followed by 474 people on Pinterest. Slice some rotisserie chicken into the filling for a more substantial bite.

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Sliders don’t have to be beefy to be delicious — this version adds poultry to a butter chicken based sauce and a bevy of vegetables for a milder meal. ... Best of all, the kids will love ALL of these options. Next-day, cold chicken isn’t always as appetizing as the hot-off-the-grill bird though, which is where these recipes to repurpose those leftovers come in handy. Leftover fried chicken baked with a vinegar, ketchup and water mixture. Shred the meat and pile it into warm tortillas, or give the meat even more flavor by simmering it with some of your favorite salsa. The swap is simple and yields a unique result that takes chicken salad from precious to punchy.

Use the leftovers to make our cold chicken noodle salad for the next day.

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On a sweltering night or just a light dinner after a day of indulgence, this cold buckwheat salad is a perfect match for some slices of leftover chicken.

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Combine two family favourites in one easy pie using store-bought dough, canned tomato sauce and shredded rotisserie chicken.

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This easy taco recipe begins with shredded rotisserie chicken cooked in a zippy tomato-chipotle sauce. Leftover Chicken Recipes That Make The Most Out Of Yesterday's Roast Dinner ... for your next BBQ. With shredded chicken, you can skip the slow cooker step and toss the cooked meat in the fragrant mix of turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon and cayenne, then add a splash of broth and layer it with a crunchy slaw and nutty nigella seed.

Swap out the traditional ketchup for mango chutney and serve with pappadum instead of chips.

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Pay attention to the roux when you’re developing that deep brown colour — it goes from perfect to burnt very easily. All rights reserved. © Corus Entertainment Inc., 2020. See what shows are casting today. A mandolin allows for beautifully thin slices (or use a vegetable peeler in a pinch).

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Whether you’re after the antioxidants or just a warming bowl of comforting soup, this recipe checks all the boxes — it’s filled with healthy shiitake mushrooms, ginger, turmeric and parsley.

Make quick and easy dinners with these best leftover chicken recipes. Easy, tangy, tasty.

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Add summertime BBQ flavour to autumnal comfort food with grilled chicken. Turn leftover chicken or store-bought rotisserie chicken into enchiladas, chicken salad, chicken soup, chicken pizza...the list goes on and on. Healthy . olive oil, naan, shredded mozzarella cheese, red onion, shredded cheddar cheese 8 easy dinners to help you use up leftover BBQ chicken. Be the first to know about brand-new shows, the freshest recipes and exciting contests. Think you have what it takes? and sprinkle it on as seasoning upon serving.

https://www.purewow.com/food/leftover-chicken-dinner-recipes It’s a very good habit to keep corn or flour tortillas on hand as they’re the ultimate place to serve up leftovers.

I get a lot of questions about my recipes from my readers! Bake the potatoes ahead of time and reheat with the chicken and sauce at dinnertime, then let people add their own sour cream, cheddar and green onion.

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Baked potatoes can be the main course with the addition of cooked chicken, tossed with BBQ sauce and loaded with all the fixings. Preheat a chargrill or barbecue grill over medium-high heat. Remove the foil and top with french fried onions and continue to cook for 10 more minutes or until … The fragrant chicken broth is loaded with vegetables and thickened with masa for a hearty meal in a bowl.

BBQ Chicken Tostadas are a simple meal the family will love, especially on busy nights.

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Put some pop in your next bowl of packaged ramen with cooked chicken, sweet corn kernels and plenty of green leafy spinach and scallions. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/barbecue-chicken-quesadillas

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The barbecue flavour of grilled chicken works wonders in homemade soft tacos. And it packs well, making it a great choice for those summertime picnics.

Pop open a tin of biscuit dough instead or even use already baked biscuits.

Leftover chicken is the start to the easiest taco Tuesday. Laden with a luscious sauce of lime, honey and cilantro, the chicken stays tender and moist throughout the reheating process.

GET THE RECIPE: Mexican Egg Nachos Add shredded roast chicken … Healthy options … Leftover grilled chicken, whether sliced and served on top or chopped and mixed into the grains for a more traditional take, is the perfect pairing.

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Toss already cooked, grilled chicken with this sweet-and-salty hoisin mixture (no cooking needed!)

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Candy cane beets add an intriguing colour variation to these summer rolls, but if you can’t find them, regular beets will do. Bobby Flay pairs tart tomatillos and salty cheese with the meat, for a dinner that comes together in a snap. Canned refried beans, a jar of salsa and prepared corn tortillas make this recipe more of an assembly job rather than cooking, so get the kids involved in dinner prep. Set the chicken out with an assortment of toppings and charred corn tortillas so everyone can customize their own tacos.

https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/leftover-chicken-recipes And if they’d rather have the meat on the side, that works too. 1 hr . Cannellini beans fill the dish out. It’s a complete dinner that requires only a handful of groceries to assemble.

But these shortcuts won’t compromise taste nor texture.


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Transferring the ingredients of your favourite buffalo chicken wings — hot sauce and blue cheese — to this easy macaroni and cheese takes the work out of breading and frying. For more delicious recipes using up leftovers, check out the full collection of leftover recipes here. While you can use fresh chicken fillets for this recipe we like to make it with leftovers when we have them. Prepared kimchi adds some bold garlic and vinegar tang.

Corus Lifestyle.

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Turn leftovers into lunch with these portable chicken pitas. Also perfect for a quick snack at anytime and a great way to use leftover chicken. Get a recipe: Rotisserie Chicken Tacos. © Corus Entertainment Inc., 2020. We think these are so delicious, we’re going to start throwing a couple of extra pieces on the grill on purpose from now on.

Allison Day is a cookbook author, nutritionist (RHN) and the creator of the award-winning food blog Yummy Beet.

, Pairing Wine With Meat: The Cheat Sheet We All Need for Winter Grilling, 20 Best Grilled Desserts You Can Make on the…, 10 Barbecue Recipes From Around the World, 10 Tasty Korean-Inspired Recipes to Make Toni…, 20 Easy Grilled Salmon Recipes That Are Perfe…. Ideal for a lunchbox, this colourful leftover chicken salad is easy to make in advance and feels just a little bit special. Chicken con Chilli 374 reviews . Be the first to know about brand-new shows, the freshest recipes and exciting contests. Feel free to add your own favourite toppings to this easily customizable soup, either before serving or at the table.

These fluffy white buns, lightened with cake and pastry flour and enriched with milk, make for a great snack or dinner on the go.

Store-bought helpers, from tandoori paste to naan, make this quick and easy. So reduce food waste and make something delicious with these leftover chicken recipes perfect for a lazy weeknight dinner or a hearty lunch. Recipe by: ayelbee. To better serve them.

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Here’s a different spin on spit-roasted shawarma that uses some of the same spices.

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Add a rich smokiness to a mild chicken Waldorf salad sandwich with leftover grilled chicken in place of roasted. Super spicy with a welcome fruity sweetness, the balance of flavours in this plate of nachos is irresistible.

Get the recipe for Valerie Bertinelli's Chicken Tinga Tacos. Either chicken thighs or breasts will work here, so use what you have on hand.

This is a great meal if you’re dealing with a few picky eaters. https://www.delish.com/cooking/g577/recipes-with-rotisserie-chicken Dinner is ready in just 15 minutes! These Leftover BBQ Chicken Quesadillas are loaded with flavor and perfect when you need a quick and easy meal. https://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/12-leftover-chicken-recipes-gallery Crisp, no-cook veggies make these lettuce wraps a pleasingly quick alternative to your standard chicken salad, any night of the week.

This easy, cheesy chicken pie will quickly become one of your favourite ways to use up leftover chicken.

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Use leftover chicken in this easy white chili and you can skip a step (or two if you substitute canned white beans in for dried). Leftover grilled chicken soaks up a robust, chili-peanut dressing, while crisp cabbage keeps things refreshing. Using leftover chicken instead of cooking it in the moment cuts down on time and prep even further.

A pot pie may be one of the first things that many cooks turn to when there’s leftover chicken in the fridge, but this one is done completely on the stovetop for an easy and complete dinner. Toss the noodles and chicken with the dressing ahead of time to let the flavours soak in or bring the dressing to the table so that people can add it to their own taste.

14 of 20. This stretches leftover grilled chicken, so you can feed a crowd. This quick cooking version doesn’t take the roux quite to the maximum flavour that more slow cooked traditional recipes demand, but it will be ready in under an hour with two types of sausage and shredded rotisserie chicken.

You can bake both white and sweet potatoes and let everyone have their choice. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/.../leftover-rotisserie-chicken-recipes Ideas including chicken casseroles, pizzas, tacos, and more. It’s quick, healthy and can be dressed up or down to suit your menu.

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A take-out favourite gets a healthy makeover with whole grain quinoa in place of rice. You can also bulk up the tacos with beans or slaw.

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If you have chicken thighs or breasts coated in BBQ sauce from last night’s dinner, put them to good use on top of pizza. Pick up a rotisserie chicken from the store, use up leftovers, or even make a new batch in your slow cooker for a meal the family will love that comes together in minutes. Stir, bake and devour – chicken pot pie really can be that easy.

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Chicken on pizza is here to stay, but you can take it beyond the classic red sauce by playing with your ingredients. The perfect under 30 min keto meal for the whole family. If you would rather skip over this info and get straight to the Leftover BBQ Chicken & Rice Casserole – please scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the easy printable instructions.

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Chicken Caesar salad is turned on its head with this crowd-pleasing sandwich. Chewy wild rice and sweet grapes add interest, while cubes of leftover grilled chicken provide substance.

Sometimes, you’ve got to treat yourself!

The chicken comes out tender and delicious, and the sauce is really good. Winner, winner leftover chicken dinner. Slop Bucket/BBQ Sundae May 19, 2019 - Explore Carmen Richard's board "LEFTOVER BBQ CHICKEN RECIPES" on Pinterest.

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Leftover grilled chicken is tossed in hot sauce, then loaded with cheese and pineapple. https://www.stayathomemum.com.au/recipes/recipes-for-leftover-roast-chicken Yes, it’s another recipe using barbecue sauce, but it’s a good one.

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A super snack that can serve hungry guests at your next cook out – and use up that leftover grilled chicken at the same time. https://www.southernliving.com/meat/chicken/easy-leftover-chicken-recipes

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Leftover grilled chicken breasts get amped up in a juicy, spicy, dressed-to-the-nines taco.

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Side and main course combine in this bold Asian-inspired slaw. 50 min.

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Use a leftover half chicken or double the enchilada recipe if you’ve got a full fowl in the fridge. These Asian chicken noodles recipe is really quick and delicious with soft flavours that are suitable for the kids. See more ideas about recipes, cooking recipes, chicken recipes. Make a big pizza for everyone to share or let everyone make their own creation.

Crispy, creamy and highly adaptable, this piled-high creation will crush any nacho craving at first bite.

A healthy Asian-inspired dish ideal for an easy dinner. Asian chicken noodles. To make it a meal, serve this with a side of warm sticky rice or brown rice.

Grilled chicken is one of summer’s most ubiquitous BBQ mains. and dish up a fresh dinner using leftovers, in under 15 minutes. 1. Think you have what it takes? Easy . https://www.foodnetwork.ca/bbq/photos/leftover-bbq-chicken-recipes I like to share all of my tips and tricks with each recipe. Forgot to defrost your puff pastry? Get the Chicken Caesar Pasta ... to make and makes the perfect lunch or dinner. Shortcut Chicken Enchiladas.