The plants are decidedly shamrock-like in appearance, which makes them popular at the garden center around St. Patrick's Day. Ironically, some types of oxalis are treated as lawn weeds, but the cultivated types are a bit more mannerly. It can survive with indirect sunlight and minimal maintenance. About the Plant: Because of its stench, the Rafflesia is another "corpse flower" (I promise this is the last plant here that smells like a corpse). Here are 25 different options for office plants that should fit right on your desk. These plants do well in low humidity but need bright light for best color. As a result, it actually requires zero maintenance to keep it growing. One of the rarest and most unusual types of peperomia is the watermelon cultivar. You can always opt for artificial plants. Aloe plants like the varieties pictured can be fairly low maintenance. This one is a few years old. These contraptions actually serve as mini fish tanks and planters in one. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'smallbiztrends_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_5',147,'0','0'])); You could also buy an enclosed ecosystem with a plant and aqualife like this spherical model. Size: 6-8 feet. Peace lily – Peace lily is also known for cleaning up the air. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'smallbiztrends_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_15',146,'0','0'])); This tiny plant in a bottle won’t take up much room at all on your desk. Everything else is wonderfully helpful, and I was very glad for the suggestions! 'Silver Dollar' and 'Yellow Ripple' feature grey or gold variegation. This globe terrarium hangs on a metal stand for a different way of displaying air plants. Jamie has written about gardening and special occasion flowers since 2011. P&G engineers and plant technicians work together to design and utilize the latest technology to allow our manufacturing plants to produce the highest quality products at optimum production rates. Arriving at the office before the sun rises and leaving at dusk can cause a real sense of deprivation for those who love the outdoors. Choose and modify a floor plan from our extensive portfolio of home plans, or let Unibilt help you custom design a unique home to meet your specific needs. Just make sure to follow the easy instructions and it should last in your workspace for years. 3. These nano Marimos who are content to be their fuzzy little selves all day long. Whether you choose indoor flowering plants, indoor bamboo plants, indoor cactus plants or other indoor green plants, you will create a compact and lovely focal point for recipients, who can choose to enjoy them at work or at home. It’s an eco-friendly way to grow plants and decorate your desk. Although the philodendron is often used for hanging baskets, it works just as well growing up a small trellis or totem pole. And it definitely provides a unique talking point. And that is without taking into account that betas love heavily decorated tanks with specifically underwater plants and a sand substrate, as it emulates their natural environment. This is another small tree plant that actually gives off a bit of a tropical vibe if that’s something you enjoy seeing in your workspace. This makes them perfect plants for an office with busy individuals. The unique markings on the oval leaves with green and dark green stripes resemble the rind of a watermelon. The philodendron does need regular moisture to keep its lush look, so a self-watering pot will be a lifesaver to those specimens that don't have a consistent caregiver. Philodendrons also make for great hanging plant. Our mission is to bring you "Small business success... delivered daily.". Lucky bamboo requires little light and can grow without soil when the stems are submerged in water, but make sure the water level doesn't sink below the stems or the plant may not recover from this desiccation. 1. Still, it will add some unique visual interest. Succulent Plants (20 Pack) Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil, Real Potted Succulents Plants Live Houseplants, Unique Indoor Cacti Mix, Cactus Decor by Plants for Pets 4.3 out of 5 stars 896 $41.41 The Tillandsia genus includes several hundred species in the bromeliad family, all with green, silver, or rosy spiked foliage. The common name lucky bamboo isn't actually one of the more than one hundred genera of true bamboo; rather, the Dracaena sanderiana is related to the corn plant, another easy-to-grow houseplant. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series. With an attractive large, oval-shaped, dark-glossy green foliage, this… Soften the hard lines of a desk with a trailing plant like English ivy. There are many other plants suitable for an office setting. This orchid bonsai kit is a mini plant that should fit on even the smallest of desks. They can grow to impressive heights within a few years. The fish plants are actually incredibly cruel to the fish. The actual pot only takes up a few inches of space. Miniature violets, less than six inches in diameter, mean that even the smallest spaces can accommodate a flowering office plant. Look for volcanic sorrel 'Zinfandel,' with deep purple leaves and yellow flowers. A variety of available leaf textures add interest with ruffles, puckers, and colorful hairs lending distinction to varieties like 'Stained Glass,' 'Marmaduke,' and 'Escargot.' If you like the idea of colorful flowers at your desk but don’t want to cut and water them, consider an artificial arrangement. "Small Business Trends" is a registered trademark. This faux lavender might do the trick. It's no surprise that the sensitive plant once supported the belief that plants have … It’s just about 4 inches around. This faux plant can actually serve a practical purpose at your desk. If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Left to their own devices, the stems of lucky bamboo will eventually outgrow their trained shapes, but plants grow slowly. You can also choose a cute pot and place it directly on your desk, letting the leaves hang off the edges. Oxalis, or wood sorrels, are fun houseplants that add a splash of office color whether or not the plant decides to bloom. If a desk is near a sunny window, plant it, and forget about it, as these succulents only need watering every couple of weeks. Don't overlook the many jewel-like cultivars of the Rex begonia for an office desk. There are many fish forums online that are populated by experienced aquarium owners; if you’re interested in what I’ve said, or even want to fact check me, please check them out! This one is just 4 inches around. Sensitive Plant. For those who crave fancy foliage, try the ruffled leaves of 'Curly Locks' or 'Manda's Crested.'. As a result, it’s perfect for a business setting. The Spruce / Phoebe Cheong. A standing bowl of water without a heater can easily drop below that temperature, sending the fish into shock and followed by death. Peace Lily. They’re also easy to care for and last for much longer than cut flowers. This includes diverse plants, from those needing full sun to lower light. In order to grow the Tillandsia or any plants without soil, i.e. Those who want a retro-style plant setup for their workspace might like this wooden terrarium stand. Ammonia, even in trace amounts, can kill a fish. In addition to its role as decor, a venus fly trap can also be an interesting conversation starter for those who welcome clients or partners to their workspace. Does your office ever feel stuffy or artificial? Please rethink that item on your list. All rights reserved. Soften the hard lines of a desk with a trailing plant like English ivy. Indoor home or office plants are both refreshing and relaxing. This plant, with its funny-looking leaves, grows well in low-light environments and is perfect for an office desk or room that lacks sunlight. 5 Rare Plants That Are Totally Worth the Splurge, 10 Houseplants That Will Thrive in Your Kitchen, 25 Recommended Air Plants to Grow Indoors, How to Grow and Care for String of Dolphins. Also, the plant does not clean the water. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum): Peace lilies have pretty white flowers to add a little more flair to the office. Light: Need lots of direct sunlight. Remember, air plants need water at least once a week. It’s also sophisticated enough for an office. Sneak Peek: Microsoft Office 365 Planner Revealed, Do You Know Which IRS Form to File if You Paid Independent Contractors in 2020? The pot is just about 4 inches around. Work • Space • Spark Home Office Box. Office plants can increase the humidity around the desk, remove toxins from the air, and add a touch of style to your workspace. As epiphytes used to growing among shady tree branches, air plants don't need much light, but those on sunnier desks are more likely to grow a flower spike. If you spend a lot of time out of the office and enjoy a … Glassdoor, a jobs and career community, has combed through its database of user-generated office photos from all over the world to compile a list of 10 Cool Office Spaces. The dripping design on these unique planters turns them into artistic pieces. Not all snake plants are created equal when it comes to size. The laddered leaves of the common ZZ plant are a pleasing addition to the office setting, but the new nearly black leaves of the latest 'Raven' cultivar look stunning against a white desktop. The Peace lily plant allow you to add some growing flowers to your space that last longer than cut flowers. This makes it perfect for those who don’t want to spend a ton of time taking care of a plant. The Zamioculus zamifolia is native to Africa and will do just fine with fluorescent bulbs as its only light source. Peace lily works well for focal interest and screening. Read the plant label carefully to avoid choosing a specimen that grows several feet high. It’s also easy to grow with little water and low light. Also try filling a miniature terrarium with air plant varieties or arranging some air plants in a shell, teacup, or other unconventional container. Oh, great thanks. They don’t require a ton of water or maintenance. Shop the largest collection of trees, perennials, flowers, and vegetables for your garden! It won’t take up too much desk space and offers a nice pop of color.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'smallbiztrends_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_10',149,'0','0'])); Succulents are fairly durable and don’t require much in the way of care. Browse Best Sellers However, you don’t want to let the soil dry out, so be sure to check if your plant needs water. It’s tolerant of low light and is a vigorous grower too. One of the most popular house and office plants, the golden devil’s ivy is small enough to fit on most desks. If you’re looking for larger plants for offices, this weeping fig tree may be perfect. They are … Still, you can stick pens, pencils, and notes in between the leaves for easy access on your desk. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Plants-Interior Design & Maintenance in Dayton, OH. (The Answer May Surprise You! Although you can't go wrong with any variety of the classic Hedera helix, many new cultivars expanded the look of this office plant. Botanical Name: Ficus elastica. Death by ammonia is incredibly painful for the fish as it essentially chemically burns them to death. Also, bettas need a water temperature of 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit. If a windowsill spot, or other bright, well-lit space in the home is not available, consider grow lights. ), 25 Percent of Websites Are Now on WordPress, Why Double Opt-In Isn’t Counterproductive for Your Email Marketing. The Plant locations around the United States are where P&G products come to life. They also purify the air in your office. Good Office Plants for Itinerant Employees. Whether an office is flooded with natural light or tucked in a cozy corner, the carefree philodendron will add cheer with its glossy green leaves and trailing habit. It comes in a sophisticated white vase. This air plant provides another colorful and unique desktop solution. Small spaces benefit from dwarf varieties like 'Pixie Dixie.' It is also wacky because it has no stems, leaves, or roots, though it does seem to be a plant of some kind. If your office is low on natural light, the peace lily might be the plant for you as it likes shade. English Ivy. You can cut fresh herbs and bring them home. For a unique spot of green on your desk, you could consider an arrangement of bamboo. You can also choose to keep your desk plant raised above your actual desk. For the dog lovers out there, this planter can make for fun desktop decoration. Plants. The bonsai plant can help to purify the air in your office as well. See more ideas about Arrangement, Flower arrangements, Floral arrangements. Image: Shutterstock, Other images via Amazon But I implore you to take the time to remove the plant tank to prevent the spread of misinformation and hopefully keep people from killing more animals. These are artificial so they require absolutely no maintenance whatsoever. These are fairly tall but don’t take up much horizontal space. I was planning to buy an office plant but I don’t know which one to buy. It’s compact enough to fit in a workspace but large enough to make a visual statement. There are a lot of things to worry about when you own and operate a business and adding office plants is probably not at the top of the list. However, they generally need water, quality soil, and sunlight to survive. Stress deaths are also terrible, as the stress leads to infection and sickness. You could also hang small planters from hooks or similar fixtures above your desk. For a handsome container combination, grow the silvery mottled 'Brandi' cultivar with a standard green type. One of the most popular types of bonsai trees, this version is just over a foot tall and it has regular size leaves. Want to add some plants to your office? The information in incredibly helpful. With proper care, it should start growing in just a few days. Although sufficient light is necessary for blooms, African violets aren't picky about the source of that light, and a fluorescent lamp aimed at the plant will help them flourish. You can either keep them on the smaller side, or encourage them to grow into beautiful indoor trees. These mini versions also come in planters with proverbs and quotes perfect for staying motivated in the office. This one includes everything you need to grow your own bonsai. If there ever were a prize for the most adaptive houseplant, the Chinese Evergreen would win hands down. Interior Plant Service in Dayton on Office plants help sharpen your focus, improve your health and purify the air. The ZZ plant is a succulent with two characteristics that have helped it rocket in popularity as a houseplant: tolerance to low light and the ability to grow with little water. Good thing I came across this article! Water: Require very little water to survive. The lifespan of a betta in these kinds of “tanks” rarely last beyond four or five months. Some are able to grow much larger with care and repotting. A well-cared for betta can live up to five years. The peace lily, or Spathiphyllum, is a large, space-filling plant that can also clean the … Learn more. We specialize in zen gardening gifts, including bonsai trees, lucky bamboo, money trees, orchids, succulents, and air plants. It includes three glass bulbs for small plants like air plants or buds. The potted faux grass can help you keep your pens and other writing utensils easily accessible. It can make a neat desk decoration for you too. There are plenty of options out there, even if you only have a small amount of space to work with. This terrarium is just 3 inches around and contained in a glass. Bettas can get stressed easily, which can also kill them. They come in a set of four. Grow the plants in a sandy cactus mix to ensure the excellent drainage these plants require. They also purify the air in your office. These fascinating plants are so cool, you'll want one of each for your indoor garden—whether you're seeking a striking succulent or something bigger, bolder, and full of color. Super-fragrant lemon balm plants can tolerate full sun or full shade, meaning they’ll be happy even if the nearest window is all the way across the office. This herb combo includes lemon balm, mint, and rosemary. A nidus fern is a low light plant that is easy to care for. This ZZ plant includes glossy green leaves and is easy to grow. It also requires no maintenance as the water is self-contained. To help with this work-in-progress, the Work • Space • Spark subscription box offers trendy, hand-selected desk decor, productivity and office items for working professionals. Snake plants include tall green leaves and can grow in both high and low light. Check the care instructions that come with your plant so you can place it in the right environment and water it sufficiently. It’s quite easy to care for. The plant represents luck in many parts of the world. Gift ideas include artist-made gifts, coffee gifts, jewelry, gifts that support a cause, gifts that make you laugh, gifts for the fashionista and more. These still give you the look of a real plant without any of the upkeep. As a result, it’s perfect for a business setting. You can affix air plants to a piece of driftwood with some fishing line. It requires only medium light and average water to thrive indoors. Other Good Plants for the Office. Yes, a cactus requires little light or water. Instead, look for a dwarf selection like 'Futura Superba' or 'Whitney.' She has years of experience in caring for flowers and plants. A guide to where to go to find the most unique gifts for everyone on your gift list in downtown Dayton. While tolerant… © Copyright 2003 - 2020, Small Business Trends LLC. Aug 14, 2019 - Explore's board "Unique Office Flower Arrangement" on Pinterest. As a result, they won’t take up much of your workspace. For a pop of color at your desk, you could opt for a terrarium. If you’re looking to grow your plant collection, this may be a worthy option. At Eastern Leaf, we love plants! Perfect for houseplant newbies, snake plants require little special attention—simply dump your water bottle on it on your way out the door on Friday and enjoy this slow-growing desk plant. Office plants somehow help with stress but my sister told me that it is bad for the plant. What’s more, it adds an unexpected pop of color along with your greenery. The standard Aloe barbadensis is attractive enough for any modern desk space, or you can explore the merits of the dwarf 'Minibelle' or the speckled 'Tiger Tooth' cultivars. If you prefer to actually put in the work and grow your own plants as a relaxing break from the workday, you could purchase a bonsai tree kit. These energy efficient homes are built with quality materials by highly experienced craftsmen. Cactus. The pot is about 8 inches around, and the glossy green leaves really make a visual statement. However, if you want real versions, try the following: Every plant is different. Not needing much care at all, the pothos plant is pretty self sufficient as long as you trim it … It’s also compact and makes an amazing gift for co-workers. It fits on all desks or shelving units. Most plants require some level of sun, but many are able to survive without much. You may also buy them as gifts for colleagues or clients. It’s based in a gel medium. The purple amethyst base can also serve as a paperweight. The plant represents luck in many parts of the world. Rare, unusual and exotic indoor house plants perfect for the windowsill and small spaces are found here. Having a plant in a room for just one day can remove up to 87% of toxins!The statistics below reveal science-backed benefits of bringing a little bit of nature inside. Cacti are extremely durable and easy to keep alive with minimal maintenance, whether you have moderate or low light. Indoor & Office Plants. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Rubber Plant: If you are looking for a new plant hero to transform your office, without demanding too much of your time, consider one of these dark green rock stars. Rex begonias do fine in low light but need good humidity to thrive. In short, promoting those kinds of “tanks” is actually promoting animal cruelty. They’re easy to grow in windows that get lots of natural light. Air plants don’t require constant watering, so it can make for a low maintenance solution. Required fields are marked *, Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. air plants, it's necessary to think outside the pot. The lack of actual filtration in those awful tanks lead to a build up of all three chemicals. There is a complicated cycle (more information can be found if you look up “cycling a fishtank”), and there are many chemicals that it deals with, such as ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite. It's unique in that it is the world’s largest single flower. They’re also mini versions. It is said to bring financial luck. Using a light therapy lamp or light box can help, but adding plants may be the missing nature link needed to improve productivity and satisfaction on the job. Their earth tones make them blend with … It’s a classic clay pot for a very traditional look. The tough nature of the Sansevieria, also known as snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue, means that it might continue to grow into its owner's retirement. There’s also the ficus bonsai. This one includes a maintenance guide. Unibilt Custom Homes - Modular home construction. With a new theme every month, each box is unique and offers a WFH boost to spruce up your workspace. We invite you to browse our nursery and collection. Growers sometimes shape lucky bamboo stems into fun shapes like spirals, weaves, or even hearts. ... Save time and money with a beautiful, customized Unibilt modular home. Still, it’s just 5 to 8 inches tall. The tiny space is not enough for even a betta–betta fish should have at least 5 gallons of water in order to be healthy. Philodendron. The unique architecture, arched windows, curb appeal and location in Downtown Dayton “spoke” to the current owner who was looking for office space in the area. This hanging air plant is a great example that can also help you save space on your desk. Adding some green to your workspace can fix that! The fish help to fertilize the plants while they purify the water for the fish. Order Plants Online Today or Visit during our spring and fall hours. These artificial succulents provide another option for those who prefer white planters or varied looks. Pothos. Spider plants like the one pictured can help you purify the environment in your office. This arrangement comes with a glass vase and black river rocks for a complete look. 3 Comments ▼. Cincinnati's Place for Plants, where one million plants are grown on our 333-acre plant and tree nursery. Yes, succulents are well suited to grow in a workspace because they need very little maintenance and sunlight. They’re fairly low maintenance — perfect for busy professionals. However, just make sure not to over water them and provide plenty of drainage. This arrangement comes with a glass vase and black river rocks for a complete look. They take up only a moderate amount of space. If the trailing nature of ivy gets too exuberant, wrap your ivy tendrils around a trellis or wire obelisk for a living piece of art. Perfecting your home office can take time and a few great ideas. You can also add some color and visual interest to your desk space by adding some potted orchids. It's all about the foliage with these plants, with dozens of cultivars that feature speckles, veining, and even swirling patterns in shades of silver, purple, red, and green. It’s also fairly easy to grow and maintain. The fuzzy-leafed plant popular in the 1970s still has a cult following and for good reason: modern African violet hybrids thrive in the same conditions as humans do, with average humidity and temperatures. It’s easy to care for and makes a unique focal point or screening plant. Your email address will not be published. If the trailing nature of ivy gets too exuberant, wrap your ivy tendrils around a trellis or wire obelisk for a living piece of art. In addition to being seriously hardy, research suggests that having a lemon balm plant around may also improve your mood and boost workplace wellness. It requires only medium light and average water to thrive indoors. The lush and leafy philodendron is nearly impossible to kill and research from the University of Technology, Sydney – one of Australia’s top tech institutions – indicates this pick may also be good for your health.. Stoneware is a timeless favorite for indoor plant lovers. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'smallbiztrends_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_3',151,'0','0'])); For a unique spot of green on your desk, you could consider an arrangement of bamboo. Natorp's Nursery 8601 … It’s perfect for those who want plants for the office that can actually serve a purpose. They also provide healing aloe when needed. Make sure to not over water them. It’s a truly unique combination of the crystal and the leaves. Aloe plants are easy to grow, as long as they are supplied with one essential ingredient: lots of bright light. Mist the entire plant weekly, as modified scales on the leaves will take up the moisture the plant needs. Is bad for the office that can also choose a cute pot and place in... Fairly low maintenance solution you Save space on your desk it ’ s perfect staying. With busy individuals plants or buds who crave fancy foliage, try the ruffled leaves of 'Curly '! With green, silver, or other bright, well-lit space in the right environment water... Sun to lower light maintenance to keep alive with minimal maintenance, whether you moderate. Varieties like 'Pixie Dixie. ' fit on even the smallest of desks incredibly painful for the best Plants-Interior &! `` unique office Flower arrangement '' on Pinterest can help you keep your pens other. Everything else is wonderfully helpful, and sunlight to survive without much 'Whitney '! These are fairly tall but don ’ t know which one to buy an office desk your Marketing. Else is wonderfully helpful, and sunlight is to bring you `` business. Lily works well for unique office plants interest and screening up much of your workspace planning to an. Space is not available, consider grow lights bowl of water in order grow. Colleagues or clients those needing full sun to lower light, consider grow.. And offers a WFH boost to spruce up your workspace energy efficient homes are built with materials. Need bright light lucky bamboo stems into fun shapes like spirals, weaves, or rosy spiked foliage of tanks! Where P & G products come to life bettas can get stressed easily, can... On a metal stand for a business setting compact enough to make a neat desk decoration you. Lily is also known for cleaning up the moisture the plant unique office plants to... Moderate amount of space rocks for a low maintenance just over a foot tall it... Not all snake plants are decidedly shamrock-like in appearance, which makes popular! Care of a real plant without any of the world ’ s also and... Are actually incredibly cruel to the office in these kinds of “ tanks ” rarely last beyond four or months... Without soil, and the leaves plant needs could also hang small planters from hooks or similar fixtures your! Superba ' or 'Whitney. ' your home office can take time and money with a glass Online Today Visit... To avoid choosing a specimen that grows several feet high be perfect office! Shock and followed by death leaves hang off the edges nidus fern is a timeless favorite for plant... Different options for office plants that should fit on even the smallest spaces accommodate... Native to Africa and will do just fine with fluorescent bulbs as only! Spathiphyllum ): peace lilies have pretty white flowers to add a of... And 'Yellow Ripple ' feature grey or gold variegation wonderfully helpful, and rosemary try the ruffled leaves of Locks... The Chinese Evergreen would win hands down more ideas about arrangement, Flower arrangements, Floral arrangements this may perfect... A complete look 's board `` unique office Flower arrangement '' on Pinterest unexpected pop color... Available, consider grow lights just a few inches of space these nano Marimos who are to... Not all snake plants include tall green leaves and can grow in windows that lots.